A Colouring Book by Myah & Laura
Year of the Monkey Colouring Book

Every year during March Break, my very talented niece Myah comes to stay with me for a couple of days and we tackle a Big Art Project together. We get brand new sketchbooks and markers, come up with an idea, and then work on it for 2 solid days. Our sketchbooks go where we go and do what we do – for brunch, hot chocolates, movies on the sofa, takeout sushi, and park visits.

This year, we did a Year of the Monkey Colouring Book! The Chinese New Year is always a big interest of mine, and Myah and I both love all the ways we can interpret both the animal as well as the symbols and stories that the year is predicted to hold.

We’re pretty proud of what we did together.
And so we’d like you to have it, for FREE!


Snow Monkey
The Monkey & the Moon
Barrel of Monkeys
Jungle Monkeys
The Fire Monkey
The Monkey King
Sock Monkeys
Sammy's Gorilla


Sam (my 7 yr-old nephew) loved our colouring book, so he drew a page too because he is awesome. You can download it here!

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