Great Big News! The Sketchbook Tour is now available to BOOK for private events. This is a great team-building or bonding event for your group, or just for general good times.

Please contact me for more information and to discuss dates & details.


Are you DYING to experience a Sketchbook Tour? Starting in Fall 2015, I’ll be hosting “Open” tours, which are available to all, you just have to reserve a spot and a sketchbook. I’ll be announcing the next edition’s date & details soon.

To get on the invitation list, please use the form at the bottom of this page!


I’m super excited to announce that Sketchbook Tour Kits are in the works and will be coming to the shop soon. The kits are a tour-in-a-box essentially, that you can do with one other person, or your own small gang.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to get on the list for new releases!

The Sketchbook Tour Effect

“I was skeptical of sketching in front of others let alone sharing the ‘art’ and discussing with others. I don’t think I have sketched since I was a kid.

I enjoyed the social aspect – meeting new people and getting to know more about people – yes, through their sketches. I don’t think of myself as artistic but pleasantly surprised myself with some of the work I did. Nobody judged – everybody was very open and complimentary – it was a nice evening.”

“The experience is a wonderful mix of socializing and artistic exploration.  Perhaps the most incredible part was seeing the “newbie sketcher” next to graphic designers next to experienced artists and everyone was producing something interesting.

The show and tell after the drawings is wonderful. The sketches, the process of drawing and then sharing was wonderful. There were some laughs, some embarrassed “that didn’t work out” and a few “omg that is amazing.”

“For me, the Sketchbook Tour helped me remember both the joy of drawing, and the joy of drawing socially. Something about putting pen to paper with a group is wildly compelling, and after one sketchbook tour, my partner and I were inspired to take a drawing class to give us another reason to keep drawing!”

It’s crazy (and awesome) how much people love the Sketchbook Tour!

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