Drawn Together Advent Calendar
Drawn Together 2016 Advent Calendar

“This was our kids’ favourite thing last Christmas!”

Now in its second year! 2015 marked the first time that families across Canada and the United States could order the Drawn Together Advent Calendar and IT WAS A HIT!

The Drawn Together Advent Calendar started out as a pre-Christmas gift that I made and sent to my nieces and nephew: 25 days of awesome surprise activities that they could make or do together, and many days it included their Mom & Dad too.

This Advent Calendar is like no other – it’s a fun, creative bonding experience – for the whole family. It is pure goodness, in 25 supercool paper bags. (See the reviews below!)

Best for kids ages 3–11

This is a great gift for your own kids, or you can send it as an early Christmas present to a special family in your life.


Well, it’s kind of a surprise so I can’t tell you everything. But basically you get 25 paper bags, each with an “assignment” card inside, describing the day’s activity. There are arts & crafts (with materials included), there are a couple of treats, and there are “awesome cards” which get your kids engaged with others and encourage them to be excellent little humans at this special time of year. There is lots of opportunity for imagination and sharing.

It also comes with the clothesline and pegs, so that you can display this beautifully in your home.

(*Activities & materials may not be exactly as pictured here.)



There are only 40 kits 50 kits 60 kits! available this year, so don’t wait!

It costs:
$100 if you have 1-2 kids
$110 if you have 3 kids
$120 if you have 4 kids

Plus shipping (*estimate will be provided according to your location).

You will receive an email confirming your details before final payment.



“Nothing can describe the absolute joy on my kids’ faces the day when Auntie Lo’s Advent box is delivered!!  They know it means 25 days of unbelievable fun and creativity. Everything about it is magical – the gorgeous packaging of each individual day, the beauty of how it looks hanging on our wall, each unique daily card and “activity”/craft/treat found inside each envelope, and of course, the sheer happiness it brings my crazies each morning as they rush downstairs patiently waiting to be told whose turn it is to open the day’s envelope.

The best thing of all is that it gives us the gift of time – time together, having fun, laughing, being creative and enjoying the incredible gift that Auntie Lo has created with love. This is what my kids will remember for the rest of their lives. It is truly the best gift we have ever been given.”


(my sister)

“I loved how different each day was. Having 3 kids of different ages/abilities, it helped that each day wasn’t about who was older and a better drawer or able to be more creative, but about having fun, working together and enjoying an activity. I loved the little forks, the day 1 Christmas list and the pay someone a compliment. It encouraged the spirit of Christmas. In all there were so many great ideas.”


(a 2015 Drawn Together Mom)


Thank you all — the response this year was unbelievableSOLD OUT in one night, and I even added 10 extra kits 20 extra kits! due to the incredible (unexpected!) demand.

* * * * *

The WAITING LIST for this year is now closed too, with apologies and thanks for your interest! I have added an additional 10 kits for the first 10 on the waiting list, but that’s now the max for this year.

Please sign up below for updates on new releases or to get on the list for next year! Thank you again, all of you, for your interest!

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