Let’s do something creative together.

The Sketchbook Tour was originally invented for a 10-year-old.

My niece Myah would come to stay with me for a weekend, and this is what we would do:
–Get a TTC day pass
–Get a brand new sketchbook and a Sharpie from the art store down the street
–Get a hot chocolate

And then we’d pick a part of the city to “tour”.

Everywhere we went, we would stop and pick something to draw together. We took photos of where we were and what we were drawing and posted our day on Instagram. We talked and laughed and shared and marvelled and got chocolate milkshakes, and they were the best days ever.

And it sparked a little flame.

People who were watching it on Instagram and Facebook said nice things, like they would like to go on a Sketchbook Tour too. My friend Catherine requested a Tour for her birthday. And then more people saw those pictures and asked if they could go on a Sketchbook Tour… so I started inviting more people to come along and not long after, I threw my first Sketchbook Tour for 20+ people and it’s continued to grow ever since.

There is magic in a shared creative experience.

I think the best part of the Sketchbook Tour is how people really appreciate how we all see and express the SAME things completely differently from each other. It’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s generous, it’s powerful.

The other awesome thing about the Sketchbook Tour is that you DO NOT have to know how to draw. Everyone can doodle… the “assignments” are designed to get you to simply participate – all you need is an open mind and a sense of playful fun – but I have found that most people end up surprising & impressing even themselves.

The Sketchbook Tour Effect really is something. More than I expected. It’s pretty awesome what people have to say… check out the reviews!

Laura Wills is a multi-award-winning creative director and designer, recognized in top design shows and publications around the world. She’s had the great fortune to work with companies in the food, wine, and high-end travel industries, as well as a lot of interesting start-up companies, and some of Canada’s performing arts stars.

She co-writes a blog called “Swimming Holes We Have Known” and takes a lot of road trips in tiny cars.

She loves a pond with a view, a fresh sharpie, and – most of all – the kiddos she is lucky enough to be an auntie to. She lives in Toronto.

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