Some important news about the Drawn Together Advent Calendar, which is taking a little break…


The Sketchbook Tour is now booking private and corporate events. Excellent for team-building, ice-breakers or just plain old bonding the gang together a little tighter.

You can also sign up to be notified for the Sketchbook Open Tour, and to find out when the new Sketchbook Tour kits will be available.

The Sketchbook Tour Effect

“Nothing short of magical. A few things that resonated with me:

  1. The fun community that was created by partaking in that night.
  2. The letting go of perfectionism for the sheer enjoyment of sketching. You were kind in your approach to have us lighten up and just create and not worry about if our sketches were “good”, “bad” or otherwise.
  3. Tapping into that side of us that allowed us to stretch…our thinking and our experience.

Going forward, I would like to remember to enjoy the process and not focus on the illusive goal of perfection. It was a super fun journey and I’m grateful to have been part of it.”

“Laura has me drawing again. Now, if your definition of “drawing” includes accurate still-life renderings of objects and people in nature, then my ability leaves much to be desired. If, however, your definition captures more of the process – exploring creatively, communicating – instead of specific results, then I’m someone who can draw!

I love setting out with Laura and company with our sketch pads and Sharpies in tow, seeing the world with intentional, open eyes. We share our experiences and I learn more about my friends; how they see, how they think. There is magic in being creative together!”

“The Sketchbook Tour is so much more than simply drawing in a notebook. It’s been an opportunity to express my creativity and connect with my surroundings in a way that seems so rare these days. It has provided moments to truly be present wherever I am and see what’s in front of me from different perspectives.

It’s a reminder that no matter who I’m with, we all see the same things differently. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun!”

It’s crazy (and awesome) how much people love the Sketchbook Tour!